Twelve Steps to Ethically Sound Clinical Supervision: Challenges, Opportunities and Outcomes (Part 1)

PART 1 of 2 Sessions

Clinical Supervision presents an opportunity for helping professionals to come together with a shared purpose: optimizing client care and furthering counselor development. When supervision is at its most effective, there is room for exploration, laughter, the occasional tear, and learning through error. At its worst, supervision restricts the Supervisee’s freedom to explore, inhibits meaningfulness, and puts all parties at risk of ethical and legal violations.

This workshop focuses on bringing Supervisors and Supervisees together in a true spirit of professional collaboration. Supervisors will learn twelve practical and applicable steps toward improving their supervision practice. Several of these steps are tailored specifically to meet the unique supervisory challenges that arise with counselors who provide addictions treatment. This workshop begins with a focus on the supervisory alliance so that Supervisees can best utilize their Supervisors for support and guidance when facing ethical challenges. With a sound alliance, Supervisors have a greater ability to guide their Supervisees toward low-risk, high-reward practice habits and more effective and impactful decision-making skills. With this foundation firmly in place, Supervisors and Supervisees together construct a supervision experience that allows greater focus on the meaningful, sophisticated aspects of the helping experience.

This workshop provides Supervisors with tools to integrate exploration of power dynamics, privilege, identity impact, counter-transference, and professional authenticity into their supervision practice. This workshop provides ample opportunity for professional reflection, introspection, humble exploration, information absorption, participatory inquiry, plenty of laughter and camaraderie.

Breakout Session

July 18, 2018
9:30 am

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