Lisa Aasheim, PhD, LPC

Lisa Aasheim, Ph.D., LPC is the Chair of the Counselor Education Department at Portland State University and served as the Director of the Community Counseling Clinic and School Counseling Program at PSU for over a decade. She is a renowned specialist in Clinical Supervision, and is the author of Practical Clinical Supervision for Counselors: An Experiential Guide (Springer Publishing).  She specializes in couples and family counseling, addictions counseling, and school counseling, and has written textbook chapters and articles on Motivational Interviewing, Counselor Development, Ethics in the Work Settings, the Therapeutic Alliance, Family Counseling in the Schools, and Addictions in the School, Home, and Workplace.  She maintains a profound appreciation for the complexities and challenges that come with dedicating one’s professional life to helping others, and is grateful for the opportunity to support those who do this so well.