Peer-Led Seeking Safety

Peers are increasingly recognized as an important asset in healthcare and have long played a role in substance abuse recovery models such as 12-step groups. However, for trauma and PTSD peer support is more limited. Seeking Safety (SS) offers an excellent option for peer-led services for addiction and/or trauma. It is the most evidence-based model for this comorbidity. It provides psychoeducation and coping skills to help clients attain greater safety in their lives. It was designed for flexible use: males and females; all types of trauma and addiction; and group or individual format. SS lends itself well to peer delivery because it is highly stabilizing, structured, optimistic, and present-focused. It has also evidenced high satisfaction across diverse populations and has been translated into numerous languages. In this workshop we explore how peer-led Seeking Safety is similar and different from professionally-led Seeking Safety; identify the benefits of peer-led Seeking Safety; and examine the evidence on peer-led Seeking Safety. We will also cover implementation strategies for peers; options for co-led peer groups; and how peers can evaluate fidelity.

Breakout Session

August 26, 2021
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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